North Valley Hockey and Sports Complex (NVHSC) is an inline roller hockey league located in Hamilton City, California. Established in 2003, our non-profit, all volunteer organization is dedicated to teaching the sport of inline hockey to boys and girls ag

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by posted 06/21/2020

To North Valley Hockey and Sports Complex Families,

I’m writing with some very disappointing news. 
Just as we received permission from Glenn County to begin the process of reopening the rink from the Covid-19 shutdown, we also received a letter from our landlord informing us that he has found a new tenant and will not be extending our lease. This means that we must vacate the building within 30 days.
This is obviously a sad day for NVHSC, but I hope that our disappointment will be short lived.
Last summer, the NVHSC Board of Directors began looking for a new location for our rink. We are still working diligently to find one. This week we are meeting with the Paradise Recreation Department about potential locations in that area, and we will quickly pursue any other leads that arise as well. 
In the next few weeks, we are going to need a lot of help in removing the rink and its contents. Expect an email in a few days that will detail the specific jobs that need to be done-- we hope that you can lend some amount of time to this important work. 
I am confident that this change will ultimately be positive for the future of our rink.
Tim Rader
NVHSC Board President